What is Philosophize? Worldview & Identity by Design.

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Our Purpose

Philosophize! was founded to help college students reach three major milestones in their intellectual development:

  1. Strengthen and safeguard their intellectual independence

  2. Develop a worldview that is true and an identity that is truly their own

  3. Build lives they love and characters they’re proud of

Why? Because we believe students should be beneficiaries rather than products of their educations and that traditional schooling tends to undermine intellectual independence, thus the tremendous value that proceeds from it.

The results can be seen in the violent mobs and safe spaces overtaking college campuses today, as a growing group of students tries to shut down the thinking and communication they feel unfit for.

But the results are also manifest in a quieter tragedy: Many students with the strength of mind and character to reject the worst elements of their miseducations (i.e., those students who don’t end up descending into violent mobs or retreating into safe spaces) are nevertheless bereft of vital, life-serving lessons that primary and secondary schools now systematically fail to teach.

Often this means they begin college lacking the knowledge and skills necessary to form grounded, independent conclusions and evaluations of the information and ideas they encounter on campus; ideas that will inform the choices they make and actions they take in the wider world, thus the quality and course of their lives.

When Philosophize! began sharing its plans for an online course, ebook, and campus talk that would help students bridge the gap, we discovered parents and educators were deeply interested in adaptations of what we would offer.

Their desire for actionable insights into bringing up intellectually independent adolescents inspired us to expand our vision. Philosophize! is now set to release beta versions of its first courses for students, parents, and educators in 2018.

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Our Founder


Ashley Karen Roy

Ashley has a decade of combined experience in psychology (including research and direct care), education (including teaching and curriculum design), and intellectual activism (including nonprofit program development). Her alma mater is UW-Madison.

Ashley has become accustomed enough to speaking on behalf of organizations that she still says “we” instead of “I,” even though Philosophize! is just her.